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Volkswagen Factory OE Fit 1080p Front & Rear View WiFi CAR CAMERA

Volkswagen Factory OE Fit 1080p Front & Rear View WiFi CAR CAMERA


inCarBite's Volkswagen OE Fit WiFi Car Camera is designed in a way perfectly fits the following Volkswagen vehicles : 

1.) All new Skoda, Volkswagen B8.

2.) New Skoda, Magotan BB, Polo, Tiguan, CC, Sharon, Golf.

3.) Golf Caravan 2016, 2015/2016 Golf 7.

Unique Features

2 channels OE Fit WiFi Car Cam version - 1080p in the front camera & 1080p in the rear view camera

All at a glance, simultaneous front view and rear view in one screen.

Discrete cameras – OE Fit car camera in the front, subtle and stealthy enough not to be noticed; the rear view camera is small enough and hides well.

Instant video viewing when WiFi is connected with your Smartphone or Tablet Device.

Preview the recorded video from your Smartphone or Tablet Device is so much easier than before.

Download any of the recorded video from the Dash Camera to your Smartphone or Tablet Device

Video Sharing via email, instant messenger, social media etc from Smartphone or Tablet Device

Parking Monitor Parking Monitor is on by setting, when the car engine is off, car cam will start recording automatically for 3-10 minutes if vibration is detected (G-Sensor setting in the APP is used to select the sensitivity of the vibration and turning off Parking Monitor). The car cam will then power off automatically. (Note: Not recommend to have “Parking Monitor” for long parking period say one week or more because this may run down the car battery which may make it difficult to start the car engine. The Parking Monitor is turn off by setting OFF in the G-Sensor.

Battery Protection that the car camera will be shut down when the car voltage drop below 11.7 - 11.8 V

App for iOS & Android Smartphone or Tablet Device for your greatest Conveniences. 

Product Specifications

SD Card                      Memory Card 16G (Class 10 or above) included. 

Lens Angle                  170o

Input Voltage               12V

Working temperature   -20oC to +85 oC

WiFi                              support up to150Mbps

Resolution                    Front:    1080P

                                     Rear:     1080P

                                     FHD 1080P (1920 x 1080) 30 FPS

Aperture                        F2.2

Sensitivity of impact      G-sensor

Video                              AVI, H.264

Motion detect                 Support

Voice recording               Built-in

Instant video viewing      simultaneous front view and rear view in one screen (PIP)

Recording mode              Standard, Emergency (impact occurs), Parking (detect moving object)

Gift Box Measurement: 22 x 17 x 9 cm

Gross weight: 1.5 kg

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