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JET BLACK ATOM Magnet Dash Mount for Cell Phone

JET BLACK ATOM Magnet Dash Mount for Cell Phone


inCarBite ATOM Magnetic Mount is the most neat and tidy dash board mount for your cell phone.  It is the smallest yet the most sturdiest dash board mount which you deserve to have for your prestige vehicle.   

inCarBite ATOM Magnet Mount is a truly desirable Tech-made-Simple Cell Phone Mount which is made by Aluminium and possess a luxurious JET BLACK finishing, combined with its smart design, you could mount and remove the cell phone from dash board so much easier than before. 

  • 360 Degree adjustable for the Best Viewing Angle.
  • Use precise magnetic force to securely provide placement for your cell phone in a convenient position & no worry about any bumping road condition.
  • Navigate & Sending Instant Message are so much easier than before.
  • Handsfree for Safe Drive.
  • Simple, easy & secure to Use.
  • No Interference to your GPS Navigation.  

Color : Jet Black 

Remarks : inCarBite always recommends drivers to use the cell phone while your vehicle stops moving for safety & happy journey. 

Package includes :

2 x Metal Plate, 2 x 3M Sticker, 1 x Ball-Shaped Stand, 1 x Domb-Shaped Magnet, 1 x Alcohol Pad, 2 x Transparent Plastic Sticker 

ONE set - US$ 18.90 

TWO sets - US$ 35.90 ( SAVES 5% )  


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