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Why Hidden Car Camera ( Factory OE Fit ) is always preferable than Universal Car Camera

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Do you want your lovely car’s windshield stayed with this little monster and the LCD extracts your attention while you are driving ? Remember most car accidents happen because of unnecessary distractions.  Nowadays, there is a kind of Hidden OE Fit Camera that perfectly fits in your car which looks like the car manufacturer’s original design. 

I will never use the Universal Suction Cup Dash Camera for my car anymore when I come to know this Hidden type of OE Factory Fit Car Camera simply because of the following reasons :

  • Original Factory Appearance, perfectly match with your car without any clumsy wiring exposed.
  • Fit permanently, Safe to use and no need to worry about the dash camera will fall down after it is exposed under sunlight for awhile.
  • Leave your windshield as clean as the original without anything blocking your view.
  • No LCD screen being hanged up on the windshield to extract your attention & you could focus on safe driving.
  • No built-in battery that means NO risk of battery explosion.
  • Product is more durable as it has less heat generated compared to the LCD Dash Camera 

In additional, the WiFi Technology makes the Factory Fit Dash Camera stays away from a built-in LCD as the video can be real time streaming to your iOS or Android smart phone and also you are able to download the recorded video files and pictures to your smart phone whenever you like and you could share it instantly.  I think you know which one to choose when deciding the next Car Camera for your car.

Happy and Safe Journey while on the Go :-) 

Email us at if you have any questions. 


inCarBiteStore Customer Service Manager


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