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inCarBite’s WiFi Car Camera provides Total Solution to all models of Volkswagen

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inCarBite’s New WiFi Car Camera provides full solution to all models of Volkswagen

– A recent visit to Volkswagen dealership in Hong Kong.


Our Bella, inCarBite Customer Service Manager, recently visited the Volkswagen dealer shop in Hong Kong and was glad to find all the new models displayed there that the inCarBite’s OE Fit WiFi Car Camera will a specific model perfectly match with their vehicles.   

Let’s see the pictures that Bella captured at the Volkswagen Dealership :


Our matching WiFi Car Camera for all these models are listed as following table :


inCarBite New WiFi Car Camera Key features :


inCarBite’s OE Factory fit in-Vehicle WiFi Car Camera is design in the way that fits your car perfectly and the car camera looks hidden and makes your car stay the same prestigious look, not like other universal glass camera that is suction to the car’s windshield looking very monstrously!


While other car camera factories are sharing the same housing from the same molds, having the same product appearance coming from the same plastic injection factory, inCarBite is already one step ahead making our own private OE Fit Wi-Fi Dash Camera housing tailor-made for individual Car Models from Premium car like Volkswagen – totally we have 6 VW car camera models that can specifically fit any new VW models respectively. Todays’ inCarBite has over 50 private housings that can fit over 100 different car models perfectly.


We innovate, design, develop and manufacture for individual car models that differentiate our product quality from others factories and stay our leading professional role in the market place.


World's First Digital Video WiFi Streaming to your smartphone


While other car cameras are got stuck at the traditional analog transmission, our World's First Digital Video WiFi Streaming OE Factory Fit Car Camera makes a great difference!



Video Real Time WiFi Digital Streaming

High quality Video Real Time Streaming to your Smartphone iOS or Android OS


Stable video quality

Stable real time Video streaming Quality, no distracted quality viewing real time at your smartphone


High Picture quality

Supreme Picture quality can be captured instantly in your smartphone and can be sharing in social media as you like



CAR Parking Monitoring

Do you always want to know what´s happening with your beloved car in Public Car Park or in the street, you can now be rest assured and relax with this handy car camera.

Easy Installation

Installations is just a breeze, simply take out the plastic part that is in front of the “rear view mirror”, then replaced it and fit the front cover with our car camera unit.


Product Specifications:

-      1920 * 1080 P High Resolution.

-      World's First Digital Video WiFi Streaming OE Factory Fit Car Camera

-      Stable Video streaming quality, no distracted quality

-      High picture quality can be captured and can be sharing instantly

-      Motion detection mode

-      Car Parking monitoring

-      155° Wide Viewing Angle

-      F2.0 Aperture - Super large Aperture

-      8G memory card (Optional: 16G/32G)

-      G-SENSOR

-      DC 12V-24V

-      Built-in Speaker

-     Rear View Camera (Optional, available in coming September)


Please reach us at ( Telephone: +85226356877) to find out the right model for your vehicle as we have full coverage for other brand car model also.



Customer Service Manager



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