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How to pick the right SD Card for your Dash Camera ?

Dash Camera is almost like a necessity nowadays, you may need one for your vacation to capture wonderful moments while on the road with your family or you need one to ensure you have sufficient evidence to protect yourself if in case any car accident happens.  

Many first time buyers may not realise that they need a SD Card for the Dash Camera, don't neglect this seems like simple little thing which also plays a very important role.

We know that videos captured are saved in the SD Card, so sometimes we just don't really know what is the optimum memory size that we need to buy. Shall we just simply purchase the largest size to make it simple but do we really need to pay for that extra which we don't really need to ?

(1.) 16G SD Card is recommended.

First of all, check what is the maximum SD Card Memory size allowed by the Dash Camera you are going to purchase. If in case it is 32G, you could pick a 32G SD Card.  Most of the Dash Camera has a 1080p high resolution video quality, a 10 minute video needs approx 1G memory size, so if in case you wish to store a bit more video clips in your SD Card, you could purchase a 16G SD Card instead of a 8G one.   However, at the end it all depends on your own requirements and how many video clips you wish to store up continuously.   For a 8G SD Card being used in a 1080p Dash Camera, it could record approx 1 hour video continuously, so if you usually drive less than 1 hour, then 8G SD Card is good enough already.   If you drive 2 hours, then you may need a 16G SD Card and 4 hours, you may need a 32G SD Card. 

(2.) High Speed Read & Write SD Card 

Since videos are mostly in high resolution which has larger memory size that means you need a higher speed to read & write the video.  We recommend Class 6 or above, Class 10 is of course even better. 

(3.) SD Card Physical Size 

The commonly used is TF Card whereas SD Card is also being employed in some Dash Camera, so please check the physical size you need before you make a purchase. 

(4.) SD Card Quality 

Pick the reputable & reliable brand in the market e.g. Kingston, Sandisk, Toshiba ....etc  

inCarBite has over 200 OE Fit WiFi Car Camera models which perfectly fits your vehicle, you don't need to worry about the traditional suction cup type to fall down under strong sunlight or after the vehicle is hit.  You will not see any wiring exposed in front of your windshield blocking your viewing too.  

INBOX us if you have any questions towards picking the right Dash Camera for yourself. 

Safe Drive and Have Fun ! 


Bella l inCarBiteStore Customer Service Manager 


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