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How to choose the Best Magnetic Mount for your Cell Phone / Tablet ?

how to choose a magnetic mount

There are almost like tones of Magnetic Mount with self-adhesive sticker, air vent or suction cup type in the market, so how should we pick the best for ourselves ? 

1.) First of all, you have to decide whether you want a self-adhesive, air vent or suction cup type.  If you have a smooth and flat dash board surface which is good enough for the self-adhesive one, we highly recommend that compared to the air vent type as it may blocks the air coming out from the air vent.  However, if you cannot find a flat surface on your dash board then you have to refer to " SUCTION CUP " or " AIR VENT " type. 

2.) If you decide to pick the " SUCTION CUP " type, please make sure you don't put it on the windshield to block your view for safe driving.   Find a spot where you could locate the mount which does not block your view and within reach easily. 

3.) If your mount is a Self-Adhesive Type, make sure the sticker is a reliable brand e.g. 3M as it is more durable in especially hot temperature in vehicle so your mount will not fall off easily and it will not leave any sticker residue on the dash board too.  inCarBite uses 3M 468MP which has an outstanding adhesion for metal surface.   

4.) If you desire to pick a " SUCTION CUP " type, please check if the plastic material will not be distorted during hot temperature hence making it falls off. 

5.) Try to pick an Universal Mount which could hold most cell phone models so that you don't need to worry you have to replace another one after you use a new phone.  

6.) Always stay focus when you are driving, so try to pick a mount that won't occupy both of your hands to operate it.  

7.) Pick a mount which does not have any extruded parts or sharp edges to avoid hurting yourself.

8.) Don't take it for granted to pick the cheapest one which it does not lasts long and some may have paints peel off too gradually. 

9.) Pick the one that is with Magnetic Interference Laboratory Approval

10.) Remember to clean the surface by alcohol before you put your mount on the surface so that the adhesion force is stronger.  

Share with us if you have more useful tips :-) , let's make the roads safer together.


Bella l Customer Service Manager  


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