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Frequently Asked Questions towards inCarBite Factory OE Fit WiFi Car Camera

How to choose a good car camera

Factory OE Fit WiFi Car Camera is quite new to most of the consumers and mostly they are impressed by the way how the Car Camera can be perfectly fitted into their Vehicle without exposing the clumsy wiring and also no need to worry about the suction cup type may follow up after exposed to sunlight for certain period of time.   

Here below I try to sum up the questions that consumers may ask before they make a purchase : 

1.) What type of connection does it need for power, does it run to the fuse box or the battery, or a cigarette lighter ? 

Yes for the power, it runs to the fuse box. 

2.) Is there any kind of battery backup in it ?

We do not have battery backup in our Dash Cam as per the consideration of safety concern. 

3.) Does it have an SD card in it, and if so what's the largest capacity I can put in there, and roughly how long would that record ?

Yes we have an SD card in it and our price includes a 8 GB card which is for 150 minutes of recording time. The largest capacity you can put in there is 32 GB card which is for 600 minutes of recording time.

4.) And to adjust the settings can it be done completely through the app or would a screen be needed at some point ?

Yes we develop our own App for both iOS and Android systems, you can download the app in your smartphone or tablet device for FREE.  You are able to do the setting & real-time viewing, recorded video files download in the App accordingly.

5.) How can I ensure I purchased the right OE Fit Car Camera ? 

Send us images of your rear view mirror from different perspectives and tell us the brand and year of your car, then our team will pick the perfect car camera perfectly fitted into your vehicle in terms of form factor and also color matches with your car interior.  

6.) Car Camera automatically starts when I start the car engine ? 


Hope you find the above in order and don't hesitate to drop me any questions before your purchase, we are happy to ensure the right perfect fit car camera is sent to you.  

SAFE DRIVE and enjoy on the Go ! 


Bella, Customer Service Manager, 

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