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How to pick the Best Headrest Mount ?

I use the iPad everyday as it is such a great gadget, I have good experience to use iPad for rear seat passenger entertainment when I drive till I find one very reliable headrest car mount for iPad.  I believe many families have more than one iPad at home.  To bring the iPad for a journey in car is a growing trend. 

Having the right, safe and reliable car mount for iPad is so important that the rear seat passenger no matter a kid or an adult could really enjoy the great iPad for internet browsing, private cinema, listen to music while on the Go ! Nowadays, there are really a lot of different iPad car mounting products in the market.  Based on my searching experience on many different kinds with brand name or without brand name car mount in the market, I would like to voice my suggestions as follows : 

  1. Find out what sort of material that mounting kit is made of especially if the mount is mostly for use in Car.  You do not want your mounting unit to break so easily when you are driving which may hit the passengers. 
  2. Check if the mounting could hold the iPad firmly.  You do not want iPad falls out from the mounting kit when it is being used during driving. 
  3. You have to choose a mounting that could be fixed into the car headrest pole firmly so that your iPad will not vibrate vigorously when the car is moving.
  4. Choose a car mount for iPad that could serve multi-purposes so that you are not required to pay twice to purchase different mounting device for use at home or in your workplace. 
  5. Pick a slim and strong mounting unit so that it is easy to carry around and serve as a protection case & keyboard stand too.
  6. Find the mounting that is equipped with charging function for iPad.  It is important when you have a long journey. 
  7. Find the mounting that installation is easy and without the need of other tools.
  8. Find the car mount that can fit properly your specific iPad.  Some of the mounts do not fit specifically for a specific iPad so you may have to check if it will be too loose when your car is moving. 
  9. Find the mounting kit that does not have sharp corner and it is mounted strongly in the headrest so that your energetic kids will not easily break it and be hurt. 
  10. Pick the brand you trust. 


By Anastasia from USA.

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